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When I was building my real estate investment business, I was focused on the success of that business 24/7. There was no time for fun.

Before long, goals were being met and successes and accolades came. But my relationship with my husband had changed.

All of my focus and determination were on the business, and we were drifting apart. The connection and fun that we had at the beginning of our relationship were completely gone.

He was avoiding me and I was tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, and resentful. I was exhausted “doing it all”. We were growing further apart.

Then a devastating truth was revealed: He was falling in love with someone else. It was a punch in the gut, to say the least.

Ultimately, it was this betrayal that became the catalyst to creating a relationship that we both desired and deserved.


We did the hard work and discovered how our different relationship and communication “styles” contributed to our frustration and disappointment with each other. This led to a deeper, closer, compassionate connection.

Make no mistake – it was hard, really hard. But we were BOTH committed to doing whatever it took to make this relationship successful.

As a result, we are both becoming the individuals we were meant to be, and we are happily married to this day.

I’m incredibly proud of the work we did and continue to do, to create our life together.

I’ve seen firsthand what it feels like to be on the verge of a broken relationship, take radical responsibility, and bring it back to life.

I help busy, overwhelmed professionals create sustained, heightened levels of success in their personal and professional life without sacrificing their health, well-being, and relationships in the process.



I received my Certified High-Performance Coaching Certification, and have been incorporating these transformational, research-backed principles into my practice ever since.


I know I can help you achieve new levels of business and personal success. Explore what working together looks like here:


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