The Intimacy of Race

On June 12th, 2020, six powerful Black female leaders and experts came together to co-create The Allyship Awareness Forum Live Event.

This event was created with the intention of opening the eyes of allies of minoritized communities to the long-standing effects of systemic racism. And, to help them become aware of and become better equipped to begin the work of dismantling their own privilege.

The world was starting to wake up to the realities of systemic racism and the impact of how those racist systems and ideals are affecting the Black, Brown and other minoritized communities.

White and white presenting people were beginning to recognize the privilege that is afforded to them by virtue of their skin color. Allies were waking up and sharing their desire to help change the system.

However, those attempts to help were damaging the Black and Brown communities further. The intentions were good, but the results were ineffective.

This forum, was created as a listen and learn event for allies of Black lives to learn how to take the first steps on the journey of becoming an effective ally.

It is time for our voices to be heard, as we share what would make a difference in beginning to dismantle the system that was created to oppress Black lives.

This book was inspired by that live event. This book contains real, simple, digestible, action steps, that you can immediately take, to begin the work of dismantling your privilege and becoming an ally for Black lives.

What Our Readers Say!

This should be THE 1ST BOOK for anyone working to consciously understand systemic racism in America. An easy, yet deep and enlightening read. Simple steps and conversation topics to crack open hearts & and generations of misinformation at the dinner table. Sharing with my kids AND my parents TODAY.
Eva Medilek offers such grace in every word. Clearly a master at holding space for others. Thank you.

Amazon Customer

Author Eva Medilek dives deep and takes you on an intimate journey of exploring race. The theme of making the unconscious conscious, is one that I often seek. How refreshing, enlightening and loving to witness that exploration through Medilek’s profound wisdom, loving compassion and high intelligence. Buy this book. It’s absolutely exquisite.
Dr. Shawne Duperon

Amazon Customer

Eva does a brilliant job, of provoking thought, and catalyzing a look at the roots of our great divide. An important and timely subject. So appreciative of her vulnerability and passion.
Jennifer L Hough

Amazon Customer

When I attended the Allyship Awareness Forum in 2020 I realised that I had a lot of learning to do before I could be an effective ally to people of colour. Eva Medilek’s book has continued that learning and raised my awareness of language and comments that can be considered to be racist and the actions I need to take continue my journey to being an Ally. Essential reading.
P M Duckworth

Amazon Customer

The Intimacy of Race book was a very real and simple read for me to understand and become aware of where my privilege and subconscious programing was and how I can move forward in a more concious way with practical action steps to begin the work of dismantling my own privilege and becoming an ally for Black Lives.

Amazon Customer

I just ordered the book (two copies actually: one for me and one for my husband), but I wanted to go ahead and give a review for the author, Eva Medilek.

I attended the Live Forum mentioned in the Amazon description and was blown away. Eva and those on the panel were all gracious in knowing that it would take us some time to adjust our thinking, yet they also gave specific, actionable steps we could take–exactly what us attendees needed.

They encouraged us to do things that fit into our lives, and therefore would be sustainable. It was a relief to have that grace.

In her FB group, Eva has mentioned being further challenged by the issues at hand, and therefore I believe she poured even more into this book than was offered the Ivy-league trained leaders on the forum. She’s definitely an expert herself.

Lori Pyatt

Amazon Customer

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