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A few years back, I undertook an experience that forever molded me. I registered to train for an endurance event with a famous billionaire entrepreneur as my coach.

Every step in that experience changed me. I had to make time and space to be intentional with my health and training, invest time and money to be in the program and travel to complete the challenge.

I never expected to fall in love with the habits of high performance from that experience, but I did. And ever since, I’ve been a student learning how to optimize my life, my health, and my relationships to support my success. This is what led me to become a High-Performance Coach.

I help successful, driven Executives, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and Business Leaders like you create sustained, heightened levels of success in business and in personal life without exhausting, isolating and sacrificing yourself in the process.

Here’s How…

Success Without Sacrifice Mastery Program

Master your relationships, take radical responsibility, and master the habits and practices for ongoing, sustainable success.
Before you read any further… taking radical responsibility is crucial for your success. It’s time to stop the blame game and excuse-making. If you’re ready for that, keep reading. If not, we won’t get along!

Part 1

Unlock Relationship & Influence Style

We spend our first session together diving deep into how you relate to others (spouse, partner, boss, employees, children, everyone!). It all starts with my signature diagnostic tool, the Relationship Style Assessment Quiz. From there, I give you real-life examples and prescribe powerful ways of being so you can level up your relationships to be positive, supportive, and fulfilling.

Part 2

Certified High Performance

Our next 6 months together are spent going through a research-backed, proven coaching process designed to give you the realizations, tools, habits, and strategies to become your next-level self. Warning: you may not recognize yourself at the end of this process! (in a good way, of course)

What’s Included

Relationship Style Assessment Quiz:

There are 5 Distinct Relationship Styles that can be formed from your early life experiences. Diagnose your individual relationship style so you can discover how to uplevel your relationships and influence in a way that will work for your wiring.

12  High-Performance Coaching Sessions, 60 min each:

Designed based on researched and proven strategies from the High-Performance Institute, to get you the greatest results possible in your business and personal life.

2 Hour Assessment Intensive:

Together we look at your assessment (quiz) results to determine how and where your relationship style is holding you back from reaching high performance in your personal and professional life. Come ready for a breakthrough!

12 Curated Assignments:

Following each call, you will have a step to take, and these assignments support you in implementing and integrating habits for success so you can reach and sustain your next level.

The next step…

Apply for the Success Without Sacrifice Mastery Program today! There is no obligation. Complete an application and schedule time on my calendar for a free High-Performance Assessment call to see if this program is your next best step.

See what my clients say about working with me…

I set out to work with a coach who was one of the best-of-the-best and I found exactly that in Eva Medilek. Working with Eva has been a wonderful experience that changed my life. During each session I learned something new about myself and the importance of going deeper rather than staying on the surface when addressing important issues. The transformation has been refreshing. I have a clearer vision for my life and a deeper sense of purpose and meaning. I am truly grateful for Eva Medilek.


I want to share with you how Eva Medilek and her high-performance coaching changed my life, my business, and my relationships.

See, that’s one of the most beautiful parts of coaching with Eva – her holistic approach extends beyond what you need to thrive in business…

She is a master at coaching into relationships and life as a whole

She cheers you on and holds your hand as you walk through the fire – keeping you accountable every step of the way

I felt heard, seen, and challenged in our sessions – she is a MASTER at wrangling even the most skilled story tangents to get on track and focus. You cannot hide in a session with Eva, and that is where I saw my most growth happen. When she called me forward to face what was working and not working in my approach to life, love, and business.

If you’re looking to bring your business and relationships to the next level – Eva is your woman!


Eva was fantastic to work with. Very insightful and a natural communicator in the area of relationships. Eva helped me to determine my current situation, what got me there and helped me become aware of the blocks and non- negotiables in my relationships. I enjoyed our time together.


Eva Medilek is the go-to relationship authority not just because of her knowledge and expertise, but because of her empathy, compassion, and ability to help you understand how to relate, connect, resolve and communicate in the best way with yourself and others.

Eva helped me to look within and unlock some painful emotions, uncovering what had been holding me back and how those experiences triggered me in my current relationships. She then provided me with techniques to become more aware and handle these situations more appropriately. I am so grateful for our sessions which have made me a better woman, mother, friend and professional!


The deep dive with Eva was illuminating. After years of my own productive therapy, Eva was able to help me uncover new truths about my childhood, and consequently, how I show up in my relationship. Eva is kind, thoughtful, informative, empathetic, and patient. She held such enveloping space for me as I cried and chuckled through the new discoveries. I am grateful I took the plunge to work with Eva.


My time spent with you, your guidance and your understanding has been invaluable to me. It was great to have an intensive 2 1/2 hour session. By having time to unwrap what I wanted to accomplish and time to work through those issues all in one meeting was very helpful. The other two follow up calls kept me on track to my healing and the unlimited access to you via Whats App made me feel supported. You were a good listener and always had great insight into what I could do to move forward. The actionable steps you provided, gave me specific things I could do and ways I could change my thought process.
I would highly recommend working with you to anyone. Your willingness to share your own journey made me feel like you understood my situation. I was very grateful for your honest, direct and thoughtful advice. Every time we spoke, you tailored your responses specifically to me and my relationship style.
I have achieved so much freedom and understanding in a short amount of time, and I am grateful for that.


Apply now to book your free 60-min High Performance Assessment call. I promise you’ll have a breakthrough by simply filling out this form and booking the call.

What people are saying about the FREE call?

I scheduled the “Free” 60 minute call; after watching an interview Eva had done for a segment called Limitless Energy! I really didn’t think much of it when I got the e-mail to set up the call and truthfully I almost didn’t but something said just do it what will it hurt! I did and am so grateful. We talked like old friends except the things we talked about I had never talked about with anyone because it was buried so deep I didn’t even realize it. I opened up and found that all the things I had stuffed away wasn’t anyone’s fault and that I was ok being me. If you ever get the chance to try that “Free” call go for it whatever happens you will never be out anything and what you gain may be life changing.


I found Eva on Instagram and was attracted to her profile around the theme of coaching. At that time, I was a passive viewer of her content. When the pandemic hit, I started searching and seeking for help and answers. I saw Eva go LIVE and I joined in. At that time, she offered a free hour with her. It had been a couple of years since I had worked with a coach and I knew how helpful it was for me in the past. I signed up with Eva and we got to know each other. Eva did not waste anytime. She was ready to coach! I could relate to her in many ways around high-performance people. What I didn’t expect is how disciplined and dedicated I felt Eva was to her work and to helping me! When I found myself speeding ahead in the conversation, Eva gave me the permission I needed to slow down, breath and stay focused on what I want out of life. Eva’s influence on me has caused me to want to work hard for the relationship and the lifestyle I deserve.

~ Angie

I was blessed to receive a strategy session with Eva Medilek yesterday and cannot say enough about how deeply I appreciated it. Connecting with her warm and loving energy and her generous spirit was much-needed soul food, and witnessing her considerable skill and expertise as a High Performance Coach was exceptionally inspiring. She is extremely intuitive and perceptive and has an innate understanding of the situation that is being presented and how to best direct the flow of energy. She is respectful, an excellent listener, and a truly kind and compassionate soul. The nuggets I received in just one hour were invaluable in assisting me on the next steps of my journey to success. If you’re remotely contemplating hiring a High Performance Coach who can bring out the best in both you and your business, Eva Medilek is a brilliant choice and I recommend her highly.

~ Liberty

Frequently Asked Questions

What is High Performance?
High performance is defined as succeeding beyond standard norms, consistently over the long term, while maintaining life satisfaction, well being and positive relationships.
Will this really help me get to my next level?
Short answer - YES. As a Certified High Performance Coach, I know this research-backed and proven process works. I cannot guarantee you a result because I don’t know how you will show up. Taking personal responsibility is crucial.
How will working on my relationships help my work?
When my husband and I committed to rebuilding our relationship after infidelity, it was NOT easy. But we kept our commitment, and in the process, our real estate investment business grew exponentially as our relationship regained it’s connection. Again, I can’t guarantee a result. But what I can tell you is how you do one thing is how you do everything. A commitment to restore key relationships whether business or personal will affect how you show up at work positively.

Ready to take control of your life and win every day?