We are all feeling under pressure. Not knowing what’s coming can leave us feeling unsure of exactly how to prepare.

When you are under pressure, you can be vulnerable to irritability, impatience and perhaps, meanness.

Combine that with the loss of freedom to come and go as you please and it can feel like you are living in the human version of an Instapot.

Here are some pro-tips that help release the steam safely so that no one gets hurt.

  1. JOURNAL – brain dump all of you thoughts and feelings in a journal. Get them out of your head and on to the page. You’ll be surprised by the sense of relief it can bring.
  2. STOP – when you feel the pressure building, stop before you blow. Count, breathe, walk, whatever, before you react.
  3. ASK – yourself, what am I really feeling that’s causing the pressure to build and why? Be honest. Is it fear, fatigue, frustration, inadequacy or pain? What are you telling yourself in this moment and how can you shift the narrative to have a better outcome?

Now, more than ever, bringing awareness and a practice of mindfulness into you life will create better outcomes during these unprecedented times.

If you’ve never explored personal development before or merely dabbled in it here and there, it’s time to apply these teachings and concepts at a mastery level.

We can only rise as high as our level of personal development. It’s the valve that we can depend on to release the pressure slowly and not cause the explosion and mess in our personal version of an Instapot.


Ready to take control of your life and win every day?