My coach and mentor, Brendon Burchard, has this saying, “honor the struggle”. In fact, he has that phrase on t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise, some of which I proudly wear. When I think about the struggle of attaining goals, building businesses, and nurturing relationships, I always look back on what it took to get me from where I was to where I am.

Here’s what I discovered. It took a lot! It wasn’t smooth sailing. There were plenty of bumps and detours on the road. And yet, I found a way to stay the course and continue the journey and not give up. But, if I’m really being honest with you, I felt like giving up many times in business and in my relationships. I want things to be easy-peasy. I don’t want it to be hard. I want everything that I do to work out the way I imagine it or even better.

The struggle is exhausting!

Here’s the thing about the struggle. Expect it! It’s the fast track to your results. Without struggle, you don’t learn and grow. Without struggle, there is no true appreciation for your accomplishments. In my opinion, when things are too easy, you can become entitled and get used to everything going your way. I’m sure you’ve noticed entitlement in some people who get everything handed down to them and don’t have to work hard for what they have. But, that’s a topic for another day.

The point that I want to make is that the struggles you experience en route to your personal and professional goals get to be celebrated. You are in the express lane to your destination when things get hard and you are required to tap into your creativity and problem-solving skills.

You are in a continuous process of growth, refinement, and transformation. Let me invite you to shift your focus from the goal to the journey and the small steps that you are taking towards your goals. Find joy in the process and satisfaction in your labor, commitment, and progress toward your goal.

Be present in the work you are doing right now. Celebrate the triumphs and the hard learnings. Learn to cherish each step that you are taking to shape your personal journey. Recognize that there is beauty in the process and understand that through this journey, challenges, detours, victories, and all, that you can find beauty.

Honor that! Be grateful for the struggle. It’s a good thing.

Ready to take control of your life and win every day?