People magazine had an article featuring the actor, Andrew Garfield, in their May 9th issue. His thoughts on fundamentalism struck me as incredibly insightful.

Here are Andrew Garfield’s thoughts on fundamentalism:

“It’s actually ego more than anything else. The fundamentalists are using the idea of god and something greater to justify egotistic, small-minded, narrow, selfish acts. Fundamentalism involves certainty which has nothing to do with faith. Certainty is an egoic kind of small-minded stance that is evidently incredibly dangerous. Men will use it to justify doing abhorrent, destructive acts.”

In my observations of the political right, the evangelical Christian leaders, the pro-life extremists, and the white supremacist ideologists, the phrase “egoic, small-minded stance”, means that these folks that are taking on the issue of the rights of women and minorities are indeed incredibly dangerous.

Everywhere we go, Black folks are in danger of being hurt, in one way or another by these various types of egoic fundamentalists. If we go to church, we can be shot and killed. If we go to the supermarket, we can be targeted and killed. If we go jogging in a white neighborhood, we can be attacked and killed. Everywhere we go can be dangerous for a Black-bodied individual.

Black people have been lynched for hundreds of years. Lynching no longer looks like hanging from a tree. We are witnessing what lynching looks like today.

To everyone who chooses to stay silent, you are supporting discrimination and racism whether you want to admit it or not. A Facebook video was recently shared of a Lyft driver who refused to give a ride to a couple who were glad to see that he was white and spoke English. He asked them to get out and told them that their comments were inappropriate and racist. They responded by calling him a few choice names along with a nigger lover. Watch the video

Racism flourishes in denial and fundamentalist, egoic ideologies. Racists are emboldened by those in power who are using that egoic power to strip voting rights, reproductive rights, and equal rights in the name of god and the laws dating back to medieval times.

Allyship takes action. Talking is important but action creates results. The racists are taking action daily. Allies need to step up their game and show these fundamental racists that not everyone in white skin agrees with their racist ideologies.

If you are an ally. I want to talk to you. I want to arm you with the skills you need to create inclusive environments in this world. Let me send you an autographed copy of my book, The Intimacy of Race.  It can no longer be safe for racists to be racist. As allies, we have a responsibility to create safe, inclusive environments for people of color. It’s too comfortable for racists to be racist. Learn ways you can actively support creating safe, inclusive environments. Get the book here.


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