Wow, that went fast! Isn’t that the usual sentiment as we wind down our summer and get back to more structure and routine? What experiences were you able to take advantage of and enjoy these past couple of months? There were movies and concerts that got a lot of buzz. I haven’t attended any of the hot happenings.

I did make my annual summer trip to Europe and I must say, it felt like a different experience this time. After years of hot summers with no air conditioning, our entire time in Germany and Austria consisted of mostly clouds and rain. And mind you, this was the year we finally purchased an air conditioner.

It was beautiful. We had to change and adapt a lot. So many things that we counted on and expected changed for us. At first, all of the unexpected changes were disappointing.

➡️ Our traditional first night in Berlin restaurant had shut down.

➡️ The weather was cold and rainy so time spent enjoying our cozy balcony was reduced.

➡️ Our favorite breakfast spot was closed due to vacation

➡️ Our traditional lunch place at the Ka De We, where we enjoy sausages and beer was closed the day we visited.

➡️ The people we normally enjoy spending time with were not available.

➡️ Our trip to Austria, the site of my favorite movie, The Sound of Music was a washout due to the weather.

And so on….

The changes felt a little strange and disappointing at first. Then we got into creation mode and built new experiences and traditions for ourselves.

🌟 We found a NEW restaurant for our first night in Berlin meal and it’s actually better than the old one.

🌟 We found a NEW family-owned restaurant for breakfast where the food was amazing and the service even better.

🌟 I wasn’t hot, miserable, and complaining about the heat and no a/c because of the rain. That allowed me to get better sleep and not experience much jet-lag.

🌟 We found new friends and couples to spend time with and expanded our network.

🌟 Austria, rain or shine, was still magical for me as a Sound of Music superfan.

🌟 I did go back to the Ka Da We to get my sausage meal. The place has changed a bit and it doesn’t feel the same so it might be time to move on from this decade’s long tradition.

🌟 And, most important of all is that we got to spend more time alone together without running around trying to see everyone and exhausting ourselves. It was truly an opportunity to reset and connect.

I’m sharing all of this with you because changes are necessary to growth and evolution. We are older now. People around us are in their evolution as well. I was impressed with our ability to shift and not be held back by our traditions and expectations. It wasn’t what we planned, but it was what we needed. How you handle and adapt to change and the unexpected can leave you frustrated and disappointed or take you on an exciting adventure with new discoveries.

Let’s learn to enjoy the journey.

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