Your burnout is telling you something. It’s giving you information about what what you need to let go of to get to what you want. All of the stuff you are going through can feel like a heavy blanket of exhaustion and overwhelm.

Just because you feel burnt out, does not mean you want to quit. I know you have a lot that you want to do and accomplish, but the heavy blanket of burnout is slowing you down. When you are discouraged you don’t have energy. You stop trying. You don’t endure hardships. You give up simply because it’s exhausting to keep going and when you are exhausted, you can’t focus.

You want to achieve higher levels of success. You want to have the mental, emotional, and physical energy to keep going. You want to be happy, feel vibrant, and have happy healthy relationships. But it’s hard when you are weighed down by a heavy burden of to-do lists, obligations, tending to the needs of others, and feeling like maybe you don’t have what it takes to accomplish all you want to accomplish.

Listen, what you are feeling is giving you information on what you need to do or stop doing. It’s like a roadmap or GPS to living your best life. It’s normal to treat these feelings as exhaustion. What if you treated these feelings as information and directions for your life?

Your burnout is a roadmap for your life. If you don’t know how to do that for yourself, then let’s hop on a call and I’ll show you how. I can show you how to work less and have more and focus on the right things.

The messages out there are telling you to work yourself to death hustling and grinding and it’s causing you to doubt how long you can keep going at this hustle-and-grind pace. Your family is complaining that you work too much. You are tired all the time. They are getting what’s left over of you after you’ve given your all to everything and everyone else.

And when you lose your belief that a thing can happen, you lose motivation and you become discouraged. These are all just signals to change, not to feel shame.

How can you save your relationships, start the business, get the promotion, lose the weight, all of it? Let me show you what your exhaustion is telling you and how you can use that information to map out your best year yet.

All the best,

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