I found Eva on Instagram and was attracted to her profile around the theme of coaching. At that time, I was a passive viewer of her content. When the pandemic hit, I started searching and seeking for help and answers. I saw Eva go LIVE and I joined in. At that time, she offered a free hour with her. It had been a couple of years since I had worked with a coach and I knew how helpful it was for me in the past. I signed up with Eva and we got to know each other. Eva did not waste anytime. She was ready to coach! I could relate to her in many ways around high-performance people. What I didn’t expect is how disciplined and dedicated I felt Eva was to her work and to helping me! When I found myself speeding ahead in the conversation, Eva gave me the permission I needed to slow down, breath and stay focused on what I want out of life. Eva’s influence on me has caused me to want to work hard for the relationship and the lifestyle I deserve.

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