As we come to the end of 2017, we can’t help but reflect on all the year has brought us. The blessings, the challenges, the hardships and the growth. For me, it’s been a year of growth and creation, sprinkled with heartbreak and pain. Endings, new beginnings and everything in between.

     The lessons learned from all I’ve experienced this year have been priceless. I’ve been tested, I’ve been challenged, I’ve been stretched and I’ve been humbled. In reflection of what this year has been for me, I started this inspirational blog in January.  The response has been welcoming and the support and connections have been amazing.

I completed a four month leadership development program in San Diego this past February. It was, quite frankly the most amazing experience in my life. Lessons learned, relationships formed and tremendous personal growth and development.

     In May, my marriage and 15 year relationship with my husband faced it’s greatest test and challenge to date. We were rocked to our core and faced this challenge head on. And, we will be stronger and better because of it.

In July, I started a new sales position, completely out of my comfort zone, but at the same time, more on point with my mission and purpose to inspire and encourage people to take action and remove the blocks of limiting beliefs. Again, learning, growing, and stretching.

September, saw me making the commitment to start a business on my own and as a part of that commitment, sign up for a 4 month endurance challenge that starts in January. This will be quite the stretch for someone who doesn’t like to sweat. Haha! I hope you will follow me on this journey as I challenge myself like I’ve never done before.

When I started working out with a personal trainer earlier this year, I pushed and pushed and listened to these perfectly sculpted millennials, as they somehow thought I might be able to do the same workouts that they do. Well, November brought on the diagnosis of… wait for it… severe bilateral neuroforaminal stenosis in my neck.  Yes, age and working out with millennials, took it’s toll on my neck. Surgery is an option, but we are going to skip that for now. I’ve got an endurance challenge to complete first.

As we head to Germany and France for the holidays this year, I look back on these experiences with gratitude. I would not trade any of it. Everything happens FOR us and not TO us. Be thankful, be grateful and be blessed. And, as I prepare to check off New Year’s in Paris from my bucket list, I wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons.

I’ll be back, better than ever, in 2018! There is so much more to come!


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