Here’s a little something about me that I’m going to share with you, even though I’m embarrassed to admit it. I like to be right about things and I’m controlling, which usually doesn’t come off with the good intentions I have when I try to control things.

Recently, my husband and I had a spontaneous date night on a Tuesday night. We found a cute little French Bistro near my nail salon. And, since spending New Year’s in Paris, I’m all things french these days.

Of course, not matter how hard we try, our dinner conversation always includes business. This time it was the real estate deals we are currently managing.

When it came time to pay for dinner, my husband whipped out cash. Now with my financial education, we almost never pay cash. We always use cards to get mileage and points. Plus, we discussed business, so in my mind, this was a business expense.

He said he wanted to treat and in that moment, I realized I needed to let him. It didn’t matter what my rational thoughts on the subject of credit cards was, it was important for me to shut up and let it go. Why? Because it was important to him to treat his wife to dinner and equally important for me to let him and accept it.

He was happy. I was happy. We had a lovely date night. I was able to shift out of control and into receiving this beautiful gesture from my husband.

In the past, I would have argued and fought for it to be a business expense on a credit card. He would have felt hurt and defeated. I would have felt right. He would have been stopped from giving and I would have stopped myself from receiving.

You see, in relationship, we have the chance to give and receive. I’m a natural giver. I want to make things easy and comfortable for everyone. It’s also a very controlling way of being. Where the shift comes for me is to be a receiver. To allow someone to enjoy being a giver. To not take control of every situation.

I chose to shift and it was beautiful.

Where in your life are you having trouble shifting? Do you even know? How you respond always effects the outcome of a situation. You have a choice. You have control of your choices. It is possible to shift.

“Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today”

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