That’s what I found myself saying in the mirror today.  You see, I was triggered by something and wanted to be right and righteous about it.

We were invited to a friend’s cabin at a lake in New Hampshire for July 4th. We had been their guests several times before and the last time we visited, we brought our dog, Lexi.

Naturally, when we were invited this time, we planned on bringing Lexi as well. After we purchased our flights, we were informed that they preferred we not bring Lexi this time.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@the_style_mogul), know about my love, bordering on obsession, with my sweet dog.  Upon hearing that she couldn’t join us, my first reaction was not to go without her.

I was hurt, and didn’t understand. I was feeling the need to be stubborn and righteous about it. If Lexi can’t come, neither will I!

Of course, that put my husband in the middle of it all. We’ve been working really hard on our real estate business and the chance to get away and spend time with our good friends was an offer we couldn’t refuse.

And, here I was being, well…. a bitch.

Well, that lasted for a couple of days before I made the choice to shift my thinking. Maybe it wasn’t my dog that was the problem, but their dogs. I decided to look at the situation through a different set of glasses and moved from righteous to compassion.

I didn’t want to put any one in a difficult situation or make anyone feel bad or stressed. I hired a dog sitter and made things easier on everyone involved. I got over myself and created a win/win.

We were able to have a wonderful time relaxing with friends without having to tend to or keep an eye on our dog.

No yelling stop, no chasing after, no looking for ticks. None of that. I even got to pose in a boat and cruise around a lake watching the fireworks without having a nervous, frightened dog to comfort.

Everything worked out for the best.

My point in sharing this with you is that we have a choice in how we react to situations. A choice that has a powerful effect on the outcome.

If I had stayed negative, the trip would not be enjoyable if I kept harboring resentment.

Can you relate to a situation where you chose to respond from a place of making the other person wrong so that you could be right and righteous?

What was the energy behind that choice? How would the outcome have been different if you chose compassion and compromise and didn’t need to be right?

“When you change how you look at things, the things you look at change.” Dr. Wayne Dyer


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