You want to change, be seen, stop hiding and step into your greatness, but you aren’t sure how. You have the same routine and problems that show up in different ways, even when you have the best intentions for your day.

Kind of like, “Same Sh*t, Different Day”

It’s not for lack of intelligence. You’re just stuck. And, it’s comfortable to hide in your routine. Change is scary and at times, down right painful.

And, because you don’t make yourself a priority, it becomes a struggle to take action for yourself. Even when you start, your changes don’t stick and you backslide.

It’s important to understand that change is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight. Once you understand the steps to the process, you can make progress on that change and make those changes stick.

So…. where are you now?

  • No intention of taking any action towards change
  • Intending to take action….eventually
  • Preparing to take action
  • Taking action and making changes
  • Committed to continuing in your actions towards positive change

Depending upon where you are, you can take steps to move on to the next phase. Are you ready?

What is your inner dialogue saying? If you have excuses, negativity and limiting beliefs that justify not taking action, then ask yourself, what will my life look like in a year from now if nothing changes vs. what it would look like if I made changes now?

In other words, your WHY needs to be greater than your WHY NOT.

Now, if you have a strong WHY, and you want to make a change in your life, job, relationship or whatever situation you are in, but you aren’t sure where to start, here’s where seeking out a coach or a mentor can help.

Learning from people who have already walked that path can get you on the road faster. Kinda like a GPS.

Once you make the decision and are committed to your why, develop your plan. Surround yourself with people who up level you and hold you accountable. Create small actionable steps and celebrate each and every win.

Do whatever it takes to keep your mind positive and on the path when challenges arise. 

Once you are in the groove and making progress, keep the momentum going by continuing to push out of your comfort zone. As Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “DO ONE THING THAT SCARES YOU EVERY DAY.”

These small feats will boost your courage and confidence. You’ll be getting stronger, it will get easier and you will be well on your way.

Mistakes and fails are just lessons along the way. Stay present and focused on one day at a time. Love yourself up! Forgive yourself for the stumbles.

It’s important to maintain the support and accountability,

It takes about 6 months to create a change and a new behavior or habit. Now it has become routine and a part of you.

Be careful of letting life’s challenges get in the way and derail you or cause you to retreat back into hiding.

Remember to create time for self-care, relaxation and fun!

And, above all, always reconnect with your WHY!

In your support,

PS: Your comments and takeaways are always welcome!

Ready to take control of your life and win every day?