There are huge benefits in releasing judgements and expectations from your thoughts and actions.

Have you noticed how some of the thoughts that you think create certain stressful feelings in your body? Or how your body responds to what someone else says or does?

Sometimes, I find myself wondering why someone said or did something and make my own assumptions about it.

The problem is that the assumptions and judgements that come up, create feelings inside that cause anger, resentment, misunderstandings and mistrust.

Can you relate?

When you assume someone doesn’t like you, or is out to hurt or use you, how do you feel it in your body?

I feel kinda sick to my stomach. My body tenses and I don’t feel good at all.  Frankly, it stresses me out and I lose my power.

I start to treat the person as if my assumptions were real and get defensive and protective.  I know you know what this feels like.

A family member, friend or co-worker says or does something and you immediately attach a meaning to it without investigation.


Until you ask, from a place of genuine curiosity and seeking to understand, it’s fake news!

So, here’s how you get your power back. Imagine if you just let go of that thought, judgement, or assumption.  How would you feel in your body?

Would you feel at peace without any stress? Most of your stress & conflict comes from attaching meanings to situations that may or may not be true.

So, either ask for clarification without defensiveness or let go of the thought.

When you learn how to manage your mind and take control of your thoughts, you are in control of creating peace and happiness within yourself, regardless of what others say and do.

So, how can you do this when your reactions are conditioned like Pavlov’s dog?  You’ve got to uncover and release those feelings that are conditioned from your past experiences and create new responses.

Only then, will you have the inner peace that becomes unshakable, regardless of the circumstances around you.


Much Love,


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