I often hear people defending themselves for speaking the truth, even when it hurts.

It’s often in the context of saying things that insult how you look, what you said or what you did.

Truthful or not, how you say things is more important than what you say.

Telling the truth to hurt vs. telling the truth to help are 2 entirely different situations.

More often than not: Hurt people, hurt people.

Hurt people will often say or do things to others, simply to inflict hurt under the guise of “I’m just being truthful.”

In order to have a thriving, vital relationship, it’s important to learn how to be truthful in a kind and loving way. Especially if the truth has the potential to hurt someone’s feelings.

It gets to be constructive feedback, not destructive criticism.

If you can’t speak the truth in a way that’s constructive and helpful, you might want to learn how to develop that skill.

There is a specific, intentional language that you can use to communicate the truth.

Look into your heart first and set your intention on what you want the outcome of your truth-telling to look like.

Do you want to show love or cause pain?

It’s up to you to think before you speak.

Much love,

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