Perfectionist love to fix everything that’s not quite right.

You see something wrong and you want to fix it. It’s hard to let it go and let it be. It “should” be this and it “shouldn’t” be that.

Instead of asking for help, you got this and you can do it yourself. Probably better than anyone else.

Did you ever stop and think how that makes others feel?

In your attempt to “fix it”, a number of things can occur.

Disempowerment of others
Making others feel wrong
Not creating space for others to figure it out
Becoming a control freak
I bring this up because this is exactly how I was showing up in my relationship and it contributed to it’s breakdown.

That way of being in relationship made those around me feel useless and not needed. Especially my husband.

It wasn’t until I let go of control that we were able to begin the healing process and truly start to nourish each other in the relationship.

Healthy relationships exists only between equals. You are each 100% creators of your reality. You are each 100% in commitment and contribution.

There is no 50/50 in happy healthy relationships. Only 100/100!

Start saving the energy you spend on trying to fix everything and spend that energy on co-creating together. That is much more powerful than creating on your own.

Ready to take control of your life and win every day?