Are you a driven person? Are you always in the doing and in the busyness of life?

If so, I was thinking about you today. I remember when I was building my real estate business from scratch. I was working my day job in dental hygiene and running the household while building a new business.

I was so focused on doing what I needed to do to get this business up and running, that I lost sight of who I needed to be to keep my relationships connected and healthy. Especially my relationship with my spouse and my children.

Every conversation that my husband and I had was about business. And, before long, we started to lose that personal connection and intimacy we had always had. It became more about what we were doing and we weren’t taking the time to just BE with each other.

Recently, I’ve been having conversations, with men and women, who are mostly driven to success, and I have come to realize a common ache in their hearts…

A loss of intimacy and connection with their spouses resulting in a deep sense of loneliness.

You are busy working and managing your day to day life, and suddenly you realize that you have moved from a passionate relationship with your spouse to a partnership relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, partnerships are great. But, have you lost the passion, the fire, and the spark that was there when you first got together? What about the tenderness, the kindness and the compassion? Has that gotten lost in the drive to do and to succeed?

Has life become an oiled machine with a daily routine? Are you missing the connection and the intimacy you shared when you first started life together?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I want to hear from you. Send me a message or an email. I’ve got something for you but I need to know who you are.

I remember the day when I realized that the self-sabotaging behavior that was showing up in my marriage (excess social drinking, panic attacks, avoidance, silence, short trigger and infidelity), was a direct result of living in the doing and not in the being of our life. We had to start working on reconnecting to who we are and not what we do.

And, that brought the passion of intimacy back into our relationship. We learned to work at creating time for the silly, happy couple we were when we started. But also, we work to create space for each other to continue to grow, learn, fail and fall.

Are you missing the connection and intimacy in your relationship? Are you unsure of the steps to get there? Are you thinking that too much time has passed? Let me show you how to create it again.

Reach out and send me a message. You can also schedule a call with me on this website and you’ll also get a free copy of my e-book, The 7 Daily Tips for Conquering Limiting Beliefs, as a bonus.

It’s not too late to restore the passion, intimacy and connection back into your relationships.


In your support,



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